Defining a name online, or domain name (e.g., is an investment in time and money for any business, and rightfully so because it’s what users will use to find you online.,,, and many more, are examples of how a website domain name can be used to market your brand and make it easy for others to find you online.

Importance of domain extensions

The domain name extension, or suffix, which is what comes after the dot (e.g. DomainName.COM) is equally important. Considering the longevity of .com, and potential of new extensions available to the public, it begs the question: what impact an extension can have on your online success.  

According VeriSign, none of the newer extensions have the click appeal of the .COM.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use an alternative suffix to .COM; just make sure it serves a purpose.

Google says the domain extension you use doesn’t matter where SEO is concerned.

Why is .COM king

In a study by InterBrand, 94 percent of consumers recalled .COM domains while seven percent recalled new domain extensions.  In the same study, consumers were shown a search results page with similar website names but with different extensions. When the new domain extension was displayed first, 61 percent still clicked on the .COM version of the web address listed below.

What important lesson can be learned?

Consumers are creatures of habit and old habits are hard to break. The .COM extension has been around a long time—over 30 years! So, consumers assume that the extension of any website name is .COM even if it uses a new extension.  

According to a survey carried out by Interbrand, a website domain name extension can affect internet user behavior.

So if you are planning on having a website for your business, contact us and we can you find the domain that can market your brand intelligently and easily help users find you online.